busy summer stay-cation

Al hasn’t been working all summer. In the interest of keeping fuel costs low at the end of April we bought a used Vespa (moped) and have ridden from one end of Holland to the other.Image
We toured to the local wetlands nature preserve (naardermeer) by boat with a photography club. That was so interesting that we went back and did a walking path around the edge of the wetlands.
DS and Al had some fun making water balloons pop in the backyard and filming it in slow motion with our little GoPro camera. I’ve been honing my video editing skills.
The photo club also had an excursion to Utrecht’s botanical gardens — the highlight was the butterfly gardens. This is one of my favorite places. I didn’t expect to learn much, but boy! Was I wrong. The lady who started the club ran a hands-on workshop as we toured around which was really nice.
Every year there’s a medieval fair in the park just south of Amsterdam. All three of us went and it was fun to compare it to the Bristol fair that we attended last year in Wisconsin. The juggler managed to get DS up in front of the crowd and show off a bit with his club juggling ability.
We rented kayaks one sunny weekend and it was so much fun that we’ve been back a couple of times. Once DS’s friend brought his puppy.
Al and I took the moped into Amsterdam for the gay pride parade. The floats — well they really float — because the parade is on a canal. It was a beautiful day and the greatest friendliest crowd.
Now the heather is in bloom (there are a number of heaths within biking distance) which is something I try to take pictures of every year. It’s a way to gauge whether I’ve improved as a photographer…