video editing II

I must have been insane to agree to make an hour+ video of my son’s school year end musical. It took much more time than I ever could have imaged! But I learned so much. I learned that analog to digital is a Q#$%#$%. I learned that while LightRoom 4.2 says you can edit video…well in reality – you can’t. I learned that you can edit video in Photoshop CS6 – even in the standard version. I learned the difference between PAL & NTSC and just how much video will fit on a regular DVD. I learned how iDVD works and that it’s much better for me to shoot in MP4 format even though my camera can do (the much harder to work with) AVCHD format.

Here are the highlights from the musical made into an iMovie trailer.


the black hole of time called video editing


Once I’d heard this awesome song (the Drum Song by The Temper Trap) I was hoping that I’d have enough video footage once we got home from our three weeks in the midwest to make a video. I was really surprised just how much video there was. This is the result.