1933 – 2009

My Mother taught me that being a woman doesn’t mean you are weak or inferior.
She taught me the love of words and the alchemy of books
She taught me that cooking isn’t just about sustenance – it’s art and therapy

My Mother taught me that motherhood is the most important job in the world (alas it is underpaid and even less recognized and valued)

I am very lucky to have been Eula Grinstead’s daughter.
By some miracle of hard work she insured that we four children had a taste of education knowing that none of us would be satisfied with such a tidbit.

I miss her voice even though I hear it every time I speak.

Eula lived a long and full life. She believed in the hereafter. I believe in the hereafter. Be sad at her passing…for an appropriate time. But then be joyful that she is now released from her limitations. Heaven won’t know what hit them.