Yay! The paving is done!

We have to wait for the grit on top of the bricks to settle before we can move the pots to their final resting places and fill them with potting soil and plants.

Still in the plans are a new mailbox, a fountain and lights to line the path.


Some Lights I like:

Yesterday they didn’t work very long but they did finish the two parking spaces;

Wednesday morning.

Yesterday they concentrated on putting the ‘puzzle’ pieces together on the round top of the East parking space. And preparing the trench to plant the bushes. Which should happen Saturday.

Extreme Make-over, Garden Edition.

Saturday they started laying the paving stones;

They ran out of time and tiles by the end of the day. Today (Sunday) they are supposed to put down the membrane and cover it with loose gravel.

Garden Refurbishment.


They delivered some dumpsters Friday;

Saturday with two back hoes and much elbow grease the garden was cleared;

Sunday the men placed stakes to mark where the hard paving will go.

(Click to enlarge)

What it looks like out my front door (Monday);

Stuff arrives:

Today they delivered the new paving stones and other things. And took away the dumpsters.