Christmas Photos Update

DH helped me pare down the 600 pictures to a minuscule 190! I’m playing around with a SmugMug account right now for a couple weeks.

I’m wondering. Is this necessary? In my hand bag are;

My mobile phone (has a radio & a camera)
My digital camera
IPOD MP3 player – now that I can use it in the car
TomTom GPS – includes MP3 player and could be used as a hands free phone IF my cell only had Bluetooth.

Who needs to go to the gym when they hauling all that around? This is nuts! I’m waiting to upgrade until there is just one little wallet size electronic box that can perform all these functions. Until then I will keep my weekly appointment with my chiropractor/physical therapist.

I need to budget my online time better. Right now I am assessing photo hosting sites and bouncing between various bulletin boards – fitness (4), books(2) and Cnet for gadget reviews & various Dutch shopping sites. The madness has to stop! LOL. Could someone sit me down to sort out my priorities? Then maybe I could make out a time budget to mete out accordingly.


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